Jas­min imperial

12,80  sis. alv.

Ei lisättyjä aromiaineita. Ainesosat: Vihreä tee China Jasmin (69%), Pai Mu
Tan, Kiina Jasmin Silverneedle (3%), Kiina Jasmin Dragon Pearls (2%). Luomu
1tl/2dl 75-80°C 2-3 min

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Four top Chi­ne­se teas are uni­ted here into a blend of the finest
green tea and delica­te whi­te tea. Rich in antioxi­dants and with a
par­ticu­lar­ly flo­ral fla­vour, Jas­min Impe­rial tas­tes won­der­ful at any time
of the day


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Mitat 9.5 × 9.5 × 13 cm